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BLACKBIRD Pipe Bomb Intense Eau De Parfum

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Unusual,  enchanting, and intriguing, BLACKBIRD perfumes are created in Seattle by a team bent on fusing art with... everything. These fragrances are not so much unisex as they are made to be worn and effused by individuals-- they will warm and change and with the chemistry of each person, making them unique to you, whomever you are. The notes in Pipe Bomb are saltwater, metal, smoke, amber, oud. Because regular Pipe Bomb is too sublte for some noses, the Intense version was created.

This is an unusual scent that plays with your olfactory sense-- we'll let BLACKBIRD walk you through it: 

ANOSMIC: Pipe Bomb contains so few molecules that the nose may become anosmic to the scent. What is anosmic you ask? Well, the human ability to smell the things around us varies from person to person and is complicated by many other factors such as mucous membranes, head traumas, the common cold and/or simple genetics. With Pipe Bomb, if you can't smell the fragrance on your skin, wait up to 20 minutes as it will grow over time. Then if you still can't smell it, trust that your friends can. Over time you may become anosmic to the scent so might consider taking a break or seek something stronger; this was one of the key reasons we created Pipe Bomb Intense.

Purchase online or see in person at our Seattle store.

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