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Why We Love Cashmere Toppers

Posted on October 06 2017

First of all, there is the shape-- our cashmere toppers are shaped like a poncho, an oblong with a neck hole, so that you can pull that cuddliness over your head and wear it on cold planes and fancy evenings. Also, because of the fine fibers, you can wrap it around your neck and pull the ends through for a lush muffler.

Second, the colors are amazing-- deep jewel tones, earthy neutrals, and rich brights-- you may need more than one.

And finally, the cashmere fiber quality itself is one of the finest you can obtain. Our cashmere comes from the Alashan region of China, that through a combination of climactic, geographic and dietary conditions, is the literal home to the world's finest cashmere and camel hair. The garments, knit or woven, that are made from the fibers of this region have an unrivaled handle and softness.

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