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All About Momo

Posted on May 13 2021

When you shop in our Fremont store you may meet a large, friendly, golden retriever named Momo. Momo is a hard-working, professional shop dog, who is very serious about greeting customers, sniffing the breeze out the front door, welcome the mail carrier and UPS driver, and snoozing behind the counter. He is sometimes joined by his best friend and freelance shop dog, Franny. Mo turns 6 years old in July and usually has a party/ in-store sale to celebrate (as social restrictions allow). Next time you are in the neighborhood drop in and say hi and tag your Momo Insta pics with @burntsugarseattle, @momoburntsugar, or #goodboymomo so we can see and like your Momo posts.

Momo sniffing the breeze out the front door of the store Momo and Franny Momo gets tummy rubs Momo gets the mail Momo in the alley Momo loves Beth, the UPS driver  


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