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Must Haves for Fall -- Vintage Post (10-24-12)

Posted on October 24 2012

Leaves are turning, the days are cold (the nights are colder), and the sky is settling into its gloomy grey here in the Pacific Northwest; really and truly it is fall. So to stave off the chill and brighten up the gloaming we bring you some Fall Must Haves from Burnt Sugar...


First, SOCKS. Tall ones, short ones, thick ones, thin ones, dots, stripes, lace, plain but-not-boring, etc. and etc. and etc... You must have socks to suit your footwear and your fancy and we have a few (dozen) pairs to fit the bill.



Don't ever think that you have too many SCARVES because that just can't be true.  Scarves change a look, make an outfit, and do that other thing... warm you up! Ask one of us Burnt Sugar girls to teach you how to tie the Pretzel Knot and you will be set.

Be timely and comely with a Tokyo Bay WATCH. They are jewelry with a job and they don't hide in the bottom of your bag when you need to know the time (like some phones we know).

A lovely pair of Camper FLATS will banish dreary days and ouchy feet.  These Twins and their almost-alikeness will do the trick.







We couldn't complete a recommendation list without a little Frye-- and these little Frye BOOTIES (or a shortie boot like them) are a must-have for Fall. So cute, so comfortable, and so classic.










We have just the right HANDBAG for fall like these pretties from Hobo.  Structured or slouchy, colorful or basic, there is a Hobo style to carry your autumn along.












Can't leave the menfolk un-accessorized-- Property Of wallets in leather or waxed canvas are strapping and sturdy and will make your man (or you) so very pleased.

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