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Fall Cometh -- Vintage Post (8-28-12)

Posted on August 28 2012


... and we are ready. Are you? 


First of all: Boots.  You can't have too many-- tall ones, short ones, black ones, brown ones-- throw in a red pair or two-- the list doesn't actually end. We have new styles that will check off something on anyone's list (like these here tall Fryes).

Then there are socks.  There comes a day when the old ones must retire and be replaced by bright upstarts like these (so cute scrunched with a short boot or lining the top of a tall one).


How about a jaunty wool chapeau for chilly/rainy days? Banish bad weather and bad hair days with the same accessory! (But different ones-- you should totally have more than one.)


A new bag can make change your life. This bag by Jo can change itself-- it converts from a backpack to a messenger to a shoulder bag-- three bags in one! (For any path your life life may take).  


And finally-- have you treated yourself to a little decadence lately? Just a wee bit? Like one of these new soap from Mistral. New scents, new package, fresh for fall!


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