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Burnt Sugar Holiday Gift Guide: Cool Manly Stuff-- Vintage Blog Post (12-1-11)

Posted on December 01 2011

So there's a man in your life and he gets a gift this year (maybe he's been nice, maybe he's been naughty, it's all a matter of preference) and you need some ideas. We've gathered a few items here for you to get started...


A bag, large or small, by Property Of, a men's line out of Amsterdam, will pack up your fella in rugged, canvas and leather  style.  See the rest of the line on our website here.


Who is this Banksy person?  It is the question of the ages.  Let your honey ponder the mysteries of social subversiveness in this lovely, soft-covered book.


If you don't get Darling an Erikson Longboard this year then get him a piece of one.  These hardwood rings are made by Mr. Erikson himself out of left over board bits and are each one-of-a-kind, manly, and awesome.


A very favorite man-item at Burnt Sugar is Mistral's pour homme soap (which means "for man," so you know it's not girly).  We sell this stuff by the armload to guys who want to smell woodsy and nice and be soapy-clean. This duck emblazoned soap dish would make a robust receptacle for a big, hunky brick of soap.  

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